RenewExpress™ Help

You can use RenewExpress to renew your vehicle or vessel registration and to change your address on file.

Searching for Registrations

To find a registration to renew, you will need a:

Do not enter all three fields or any other combination of the data. Click Find.

NOTE: If RenewExpress cannot find the registration, please confirm that you entered correctly either the PIN number or both the license plate and birth date. If your search still does not work, the registration may not be currently renewable through RenewExpress; in this case, please try the DHSMV's website.

Managing Your Registrations

Once you have found a registration to renew, you can search for more registrations to renew.

Some vehicles can be renewed for either one or two years. The default is one year. Select a year from the Years drop-down list to change the number of years for which to renew.

Click Continue to check out and pay for your renewals.

Checking Out and Paying

Credit or debit cards (MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and American Express) and e-checks are all accepted forms of payment.

The convenience fee is $3.50 for each renewal paid by credit or debit card. These fees will be displayed before you check out and you may continue or cancel the transaction at that time. The Brevard County Tax Collector does not receive any part of the convenience fee. There is no convenience fee for renewals paid by e-check.

Receiving the Registration Renewal

Registration renewals will be sent to the DHSMV for processing the next business day. All successful registration renewals will be sent by first-class mail within 7-10 days.

In some circumstances the DHSMV is unable to renew the registration (for example, if insurance is required but not found). If this happens you will be notified by email, and your payment will not be submitted or will be refunded back onto your card.

Registered in a Different County?

This site can only be used for vehicles registered in Brevard County. If your vehicle is registered in a different Florida county, please click here to find the appropriate web site for your county.

If you have additional questions, please contact us.